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  • Classic Yacht

  • Private Ensuite

  • Air Conditioned

  • Naturalist Guide



Category: First Class
Type: motor yacht with stabilising sails
Year built: 1996
Capacity: 16 passengers

The Samba is a 24-metre European classic yacht. Although small compared to other yachts, its steel hull makes it stable
and sturdy as it navigates through the relatively calm Galapagos waters. It also boasts exceptional service as one of the
owners also acts as the main guide. He and the other guides are among the best in Galapagos, acting as excellent hosts
during a cruise.
The maximum 14 passenger capacity, in 7 cozy, double cabins results in a slightly smaller group than the norm in
Galapagos. The smaller vessels allows a much closer view of marine nature, and from experience on working on there
myself, this is definitely the case as you get to within a meter of bow-riding bottle-nose dolphins.
The common areas and outside decks are dominated by local and sustainably-sourced hardwood. With its sails up, the
Samba is a beautiful, relaxing option and a great price.

Cabins & Accommodation

7 cozy cabins accommodating 14 passengers

6 cabins on lower deck with porthole rather than window

1 cabin on top deck with window rather than porthole


  • Air conditioned
  • Toiletries
  • Room Towels
  • Hair dryer
  • Private shower room with hot/cold water


Deck Plan & Spec

deckplan cubierta-inferior cubierta-principal


Steel-hull sail boat
78 feet / 23,77 meters
18 feet / 5.48 meters
134 tons
Twin DAV diesel 280 HP-CUMMINS that only use a remarkable 6 gallons of diesel per hour
Two generators 21 & 12.5 kW for 110 V & 220V A/C and 12V & 24V D/C
2.500 miles
8.5 knots
1.500 gallons and water maker
Six air-conditioned double cabins and 1 exterior double bed cabin, all with A/C, private
bathrooms and hot water.
6 + Naturalist guide



  • Kayaking
  • Wetsuits for hire

Itineraries & Prices

The Samba sails during 15 days around the archipelago in two segments of 8 days each, starting/ending on
Tuesday. One around north and western islands, and the other around south and eastern islands. You may
take the full 15-day cruise or one of the 8-day segments

8-day NW Itinerary

Day 1 Tuesday AM: Flight to Baltra / PM: Bachas beach – Santa Cruz Island (Indefatigable)
Day 2 Wednesday AM: Darwin Bay / PM: Prince Philip’s Steps (El Barranco) – Genovesa Island (Tower)
Day 3 Thursday AM: Punta Mejia / PM: Black beach – Marchena Island (Bindloe)
Day 4 Friday AM: Punta Albemarle / PM: Punta Vicente Roca – Isabela Island (Albemarle)
Day 5 Saturday AM: Punta Espinosa – Fernandina Island (Narborough) / PM: Urbina Bay – Isabela Island
Day 6 Sunday AM: Elizabeth Bay / PM: Punta Moreno – Isabela (Albemarle)
Day 7 Monday: Asilo de La Paz & La Loberia – Floreana Island (Charles)
Day 8 Tuesday AM: Highlands – Santa Cruz Island (Indefatigable) / Baltra

8-day SE Itinerary

Day 1 Tuesday AM: Flight to Baltra / PM: Charles Darwin Research Station – Santa Cruz Island (Indefatigable)
Day 2 Wednesday AM: Punta Cormorant / PM: Post Office Bay & La Baronesa lookout – Floreana Island
Day 3 Thursday AM: Punta Suárez / PM: Gardner Bay & Gardner Island – Española Island (Hood)
Day 4 Friday AM: Isla Lobos & Kicker Rock / PM: Punta Pitt – San Cristóbal Island (Chatham)
Day 5 Saturday AM: Barrington Bay – Santa Fe Island (Barrington) / PM: South Plaza Island & Punta Carrión
Day 6 Sunday AM: Sullivan Bay – Santiago Island (James) / PM: Bartholomew Island
Day 7 Monday AM: James Bay – Santiago Island (James) / PM: Rabida Island
Day 8 Tuesday AM: North Seymour Island / Baltra

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