This is the capital of Galapagos and one of the first inhabited places in the Islands, mainly due to being the closest point in Galapagos to the mainland. The town of Puerto baquerizo houses plus seven thousand people, and several family names dating back to the island of the mid-eighteen hundreds, when the first inhabitants arrived.
The highlight has to be the huge sealion colony, which inhabits the beach in the middle of the town. As the human population grew, it appears as though the independent sealion population has too.
The highlands are easily accessible and are the best place to view the endemic tortoise population in the breeding center. You can also visit the only freshwater lake in the islands at the highest point of San Cristobal.
There are some great snorkels that can be accessed independently nearby and also some day tours which take you to snorkel or dive around small islets islets and the majestic Kicker Rock.