This small island can be sailed around in just a few minutes it’s so small but it’s very difficult to disembark on being the same shape is a limpet a little mini volcano tapering off straight into the sea however the sea has cut away and it’s tapers creating very small Cliff all the way around The Island has got a crater at the very top and it’s only visited during a circumnavigation in a boat and we usually do it on route to bartolomei it’s of significance because as we go past as we approach we will often see some interesting Sea Life form of manta rays and sharks in the sea and incredible birdlife with nesting seabirds a red-billed tropic Birds Nazca boobies and blue-footed boobies as well as many others resting on the shoreline and on the Rocks just above the site is of Incredible scientific interest due to the study and been going on there for about 40 years prominent scientists Nobel winners of the evolutionary price have been following in Darwin’s footsteps in their quest to understand evolution in the Darwin’s finches the book Dior the beak of the Finch is 1 often studied by students coming to visit Galapagos as it encapsulates the study of evolution and a visit to the island a circumnavigation of the island makes it all the more interesting as several of the landmarks mentioned in the book can be seen