Travelling within Ecuador

Arriving in Quito & Customs
A tourist is normally exempt from any customs duty if you are staying temporarily. This means you should not pay any duty on new or used photographic equipment, laptops, video cameras, radios or CD players. All luggage is screened upon exiting the customs hall!
You may import 300 cigarettes or 50 cigars into Ecuador, and one litre of an alcoholic beverage.
On most airlines, passengers are allowed to take two pieces of luggage into Ecuador with a maximum combined weight of 70 kgs (excluding hand baggage). We advise all passengers, especially divers, to try and fit all their personal effects into two pieces of luggage. The airlines own weight restrictions vary per carrier.
Some European carriers are strict with 44 lbs/ 20 kg maximum (excluding hand luggage 11lbs/5 kg). For some reason, upon return from Quito, their limit is greater at 66lbs/30 kg. The flights to Galapagos are more restrictive at 44lbs/20kg per person. Please enquire with your international airline what your baggage allowance is.
A tourist card is usually issued upon arrival for up to 90 days. Please keep the slip of paper for the duration of your trip. It must be surrendered on departure.
Airport departure Tax
When leaving Quito, $42 is required per person. This amount can increase at any time.
Reconfirmation of international flights
GE will be happy to take care of international flight reconfirmations for you. Please make sure you leave us with a copy of your ticket at the beginning of the trip.
To pre-book seat numbers try phoning the reservations office of your airline in your country.